AVL Creators Co-Lab: The co-innovation ecosystem built to deliver results


The pursuit of sustainability pushes traditional innovation to its limits. ​Enter AVL Creators Co-Lab: an ecosystem designed to accelerate co-innovation across industries. Join us to innovate alongside experts, driving fast collaboration and jointly defined business ideas.​

Climate change, global re-polarization, and digital transformation demand faster innovation. Traditional methods fall short, omitting key players and causing delays. Creators Co-Lab connects companies across the value chain, providing tools to make ideas "acceleration ready“. Our approach fosters open exchange and binding commitment to create shared value.​

Creators Co-Lab differentiates itself from other open innovation initiatives & ecosystems​

  • Clear output: Acceleration readiness​
    • ​​​​​​​Intercompany team​
    • A joint business idea to develop​
    • Business plan & roadmap to success​
    • Corporate board pitch​
    • Overcoming internal hurdles
  • Frequent collaboration rounds with​ specific focus, which companies can join
  • Sand box and test bed for corporate collaborative innovation
  • An ecosystem built to connect companies and deliver tangible results​
  • The Creators Co-Lab Cultural and Practical Duties will set the expectations, rules, rights and duties for our interactions​
  • Various forms of engagement as Producers or Consumers. From Explorers and Pioneers to Ambassadors and even Co-Host.​
  • Self-sustaining ecosystem with its own currency, to facilitate participation​
  • Focus on sustainable principles. EnvironmentalSocial and Economic

Creators Co-Lab’s Cultural and Practical Duties

That's how we collaborate in our innovation ecosystem

  • We believe in a collaborative and open innovation ecosystem where all participants work together towards common goals.
  • We are forward-thinking and creative, constantly seeking new ways to solve problems and drive innovation.
  • Our focus is on problem-focused innovation, finding solutions to real-world challenges. We prioritize acting fully compliant with laws and regulations, ensuring ethical practices in all our endeavors.
  • We are responsible and responsive to feedback, constantly seeking to improve and grow our ecosystem.
  • We act ecosystem-centric instead of company-driven, prioritizing the collective success over individual achievements.
  • Communication is key in our ecosystem, with company names being public while groups and topics remain internal unless mutually agreed otherwise.
  • We are committed to participation, interaction, and constructive change, using agile methodologies to drive progress.
  • Trust is essential in our ecosystem, with a belief in the deciding power of the group and a commitment to expert involvement where required.
  • We value constructive feedback, appreciate diverse perspectives, and are always striving for correct, reliable, and business-oriented outcomes.

Three engagement types related to the phases in your journey​


Scouts are initial key topic workshop participants that have the possibility of interacting with people already in the Ideation Phase and get a sneak peek into what the ecosystem has to offer.

Explorers are participants at the beginning of their journey within the ecosystem. They have access to ideation and use-case exploration workshops.

Pioneers are actively developing their business concepts after the ideation phase, developing use-cases while collaborating with other Pioneers, with a proactive approach of turning ideas into viable ventures.

Take a deep dive into the three phases

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Join us and more than 80 partners in our ecosystem to shape the future of innovation together!

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