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We drive automotive startups and cutting edge technologies in the area of Electric Mobility, Autonomous Driving as well as Data Driven Innovation and Artificial Intelligence.

Work together with AVL, one of the leading development and engineering companies in the automotive industry.


We are looking for visionary entrepreneurs and makers who do not take current approaches for granted just because they have been there for a long time.

The CREATORS EXPEDITION focuses on early and growth stage auto tech
startups in the following three technology areas:


Alternative Fuels, Battery Management and Energy Storage

Autonomous Driving

Self Driving Software, Radar and Sensors, Connected Vehicle

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data and Analytics and Data-Driven Business Models

By partnering with the AVL startup program, you gain a key expert in your expedition team, who can assist in every step from maturing your prototype to supporting your international industrialization ambitions. AVL can be your world-class guide to help you succeed while translating your concept to automotive application.

Market Access

Whether you are taking your first steps into the market or are a more matured adventurer, AVL gives you the platform to demonstrate your vision in front of international automotive OEMs. We help you to better understand their needs and to validate and refine your business model.


A core value of AVL and this startup initiative are the individual programs, tailored to the exact technology and business needs of the startup. As a privately owned, family company, we pride ourselves in investing for the long run.



We support you with access to a global sales force across 20 countries and help you build up international operations, including marketing, legal, service and maintenance.


We surround you with experienced mentors from AVL and our network, to get industry insights, engineering best practices and advice to strategically scale your business.

Tailor made for your startup

Apply for the CREATORS EXPEDITION at any time and Get AVL as a strategic partner on board.


Get to know the AVL team and together with us define your tailor-made startup development program.

Our Joint Project

The core of the expedition program is a first customer or R&D project where both AVL and your startup bring in the expertise to create future mobility innovation.

Financial Support 

During the program, we invest “smart money” in the form of operational cash support and financed resources without taking any fixed equity.

Extra Benefits

You have access to services like an experienced coaching, customer and engineering network, to test and simulation technologies and to mentoring in operational non-technological areas.

Pitch to the CEO

After roughly six months, together with the AVL team, you can unveil the logbook of your achievements – the foundation of our future collaboration.

The pursuit of sustainability pushes traditional innovation to its limits. ​Enter AVL Creators Co-Lab: an ecosystem designed to accelerate co-innovation across industries. Join us to innovate alongside experts, driving fast collaboration and jointly defined business ideas.​

Climate change, global re-polarization, and digital transformation demand faster innovation. Traditional methods fall short, omitting key players and causing delays. Creators Co-Lab connects companies across the value chain, providing tools to make ideas "acceleration ready“. Our approach fosters open exchange and binding commitment to create shared value.​

We have been pioneering various business and technology areas together with startups. Explore their stories to find out, how the CREATORS EXPEDITION collaborates with startups and how both sides are benefit from it.

Explore our videos to discover engaging stories and insights.

AVL and Spark EV foster Intelligent Energy Management System for Fuel Cell Trucks

Explore the collaboration project between AVL and Spark EV fostering Intelligent Energy Managament System in this short talk with Justin Ott, Dominik Brunner and Alexander Ulz.

How DeepScenario, AVES and AVL foster Virtual Testing of ADAS/AD

Explore the collaboration projects between AVL, DeepScenario and AVES Reality in this short talk with Holgar Banzhaf, Florian Albert and Sebastian Jagsch.

Fostering University Entrepreneurship: Duramea and Novac Supercap

Explore how Creators Expedition fosters university entrepreneurship in this talk with Matteo Pertocchi, Maximilian Grandi and Viktoria Ilger.

AVL X Tributech and Tirn: Mobility for a Sustainable Future

Explore the collaboration projects between AVL, Tributech and Tirn fostering sustainable mobility in this short talk with Juraj Majera, Patrick Lamplmair and Alexander Ulz.

Creators Lounge: A Glimpse into the Automotive Future

A Glimpse into the Automotive Future with Qiong Sun, Arlena Amiri and Andrea Leitner moderated by Dejan Jovicevic.

VENTURE CLIENTING... What's that !?

Explore more about VENTURE CLIENTING with Viktoria Ilger and Mario Fraiss-Kollmanitsch from Venture Clienting Austria.

creators lounge
Creators Lounge - Is there one right open innovation approach?

'Is there one right approach to open innovation?' with Claudia Falkinger, Christian Hüttenhein and Stefan Cülter moderated by Dejan Jovicevic.

Creators Lounge - Patent VS Open Innovation

Deep dive session on the topic 'Patent vs Open Innovation' with Mario Hartinger and Viktoria Ilger moderated by Dejan Jovicevic. 


Introducting Creators Expedition to The FED4SAE Innovation Club.

How DeepenAI and AVL want to change the Future of Autonomous Driving?

Explore more about the collaboration between Deepen AI and AVL with Mohammad Musa, Thomas Schlömicher and Viktoria Ilger.

Edupreneurship as the Education of the Future

Check out this exciting panel about the digitalization of education and the collaboration between companies and educational institutions that are creating exciting projects.

The Current State of E-Mobility

What is the current state of e-mobility in Germany and Europe? Why do so many people still stick to traditional combustion cars instead of getting electric ones?

To bring our joint vision into reality, we enlarge the ecosystem by bringing in our customers - the leading OEMs in the world, collaborating with startup networks, universities, and public institutions. All of them can be instrumental at different stages in our journey.

If you want to be an official partner of the CREATORS EXPEDITION, please feel free to contact us - we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Austrian Startups

The CREATORS EXPEDITION is built by entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts who speak both languages: startup and corporate.

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Alexander Ulz


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