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21 Aug 2019
emotion3D – Equipping Vehicles with Intelligent Vision

In our everyday life, we react to environmental influences with head movements, emotions and gestures, mostly without thinking about it. But how exactly does this movement influence us while driving? The Vienna-based startup Emotion3D deals with exactly this topic and grants an insight into their project and the collaboration with the startup initiative of AVL – Creators Expedition.

27 Mar 2019
Skytree – “From outer space via AVL into the automotive world”

CREATORS EXPIDITION, the independent start-up initiative from AVL created an exclusive ...

27 Mar 2019
IVISO – “Paving the way for self-driving cars”

Indeed! Within this groundbreaking project, the CREATORS EXPEDITION...

27 Mar 2019
INNOSPOT - “Team up! - with AI-based Startup Scouting”

In this project, AVL’s CREATORS EXPEDITION worked closely together with INNOSPOT - a Munich-based startup...