02 Dec 2020
Bringing virtual sensors into the Acoustics world!

Sensors are technical components that convert physical or chemical quantities into electrical signals. With the advancing networking of people and things, sensors are gaining more importance. Therefore, also the number of sensors in cars experienced a significant increase.

24 Nov 2019
TACC - Training for Automotive Companies Creation

“A revolution is going on in the automotive sector- perhaps the biggest in car history – that is changing the way of designing, producing and selling cars. But there is more: digital revolution is also affecting the way customers interact with the vehicle and the very concept of mobility.”

20 Nov 2019

'Symbiotic Artificial Intelligence' describes the symbiotic harmony between humans and artificial intelligence. A topic addressed by the startup from Graz 'Leftshift One' and its AI as a service platform G.A.I.A. has developed. This platform is now being used in a joint project with AVL in the area of speech recognition for automotive application.

30 Oct 2019

Berta Benz driving her husband’s car to Pforzheim 125 years ago marked an important milestone for automotive history. In celebration of the event, Daimler decided to drive the same route once more - this time with an autonomous vehicle.

27 Mar 2019
INNOSPOT - “Team up! - with AI-based Startup Scouting”

In this project, AVL’s CREATORS EXPEDITION worked closely together with INNOSPOT - a Munich-based startup...